Your Path to Thriving


Awaken and cultivate your intuition.
Tend to the roots of what gets in the way.
Transform generational patterns.

Awaken and cultivate your intuition. Tend to the roots of what gets in the way. Transform generational patterns.

You’re ready to unsubscribe from the expectation that you have to forego your own well-being to be a “good” mom (whatever that actually means). 

You want to be a present mother who prioritizes being the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. 

You’re ready to move from surviving to thriving.

So stop thinking about it, and get the support you need to actually DO IT...

After 2+ decades of learning, training, practicing, and integrating, I am beyond excited to introduce you to this science and mother-backed roadmap to create your own personal “better way” for yourself.


FLOURISH is a science-backed, interactive, and integration-focused program for women who want to be present and resilient mothers. You’ll learn to set intentional boundaries and become the most present, resilient and happiest version of yourself while simultaneously breaking generational and societal patterns and teaching your kids that a different way of being and doing is possible.

If you’re like me, you want to cut the fluff and know exactly what you’re signing up for, along with proof that it will help you.


Let’s start with the destination... what does it even mean to flourish as a woman and mother in this season of your life?

To create new models of being and doing for yourself and your family that break free from cycles of floundering and establish cycles of flourishing, you need to know where you want to go and forge a clear path for getting there.

But how do you change? 

If you’re a mother, it’s likely that you are fed up with the universal status quo—overwhelmed and time-starved, with few (if any!) activities that actually recharge you.

However, when you look around you in society and your family lineage, you struggle to find healthy models of thriving in motherhood.

While you know (or hope?!) that it must be possible to feel differently in this season and stage, you are unclear as to who or what can actually help you. You can barely keep up with the never-ending laundry and meal prepping, let alone tend to your needs (what are those anyway?).

This lack of clarity and support leads to feeling more overwhelmed and hopeless that things will change. You feel like you have to suck it up and deal instead of facing the parts of your life and yourself that aren’t serving you.

Why do you have to be the one to break cycles and create new ones? Aren’t you already doing enough, for Pete’s sake!?

You can’t ignore the part of you that feels ashamed that you haven't been able to figure this out on your own.

The solution to your struggle, and the secret to your personal thriving, involves the inner work needed to get to the root of the struggle and to begin to heal.

What is the root of the problem? And how do you identify the internal beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you, let alone change them? 

And if you’re really honest, the idea of “looking under the hood,” especially as it relates to generational patterns, seems big, scary, and HARD.

You can’t help but feel the inequity around all the societal and cultural contributors to this “status quo” of motherhood.

I see you….

I get you….

I'm with you.

But I also know that there’s something within you that knows things should be (and can be) different. There is a better way—one that doesn’t involve being a lesser version of yourself so that you can be a “good” mom to your children. 

I understand the crushing weight of managing the mental load of motherhood while also juggling work, your marriage, and all the other life things.

I understand that it feels easier to fill your time continually serving others rather than focusing on what you need to thrive. 

I also get the confusion about who or what can actually help!?

As a mother without a healthy mother model, a therapist, and a mindfulness teacher, I too was desperate for a way out of floundering and into flourishing.

I have questioned, “Why me? Why am I the one who has to break these generational patterns?”

After doing this work personally and professionally, I have come to believe that this work chose me. Ultimately, the biggest purpose and honor of my life (and I know the women in The School of MOM agree!) is to step into a new level of consciousness and thriving, for ourselves and our families.

You CAN’T do this work alone and you shouldn’t be expected to forego your own needs and sacrifice yourself to be a “good” mom. 

In fact, what if the opposite were true? Learning to prioritize, take care of your needs, and flourish in this season of life is the core ingredient to being the mom you want to be.


"The School of MOM opened my eyes to the power of mindfulness and gave me space to learn how to practice it."

"Sarah's expertise is only surpassed by her warmth, compassion and commitment to helping women cope with stress, uncertainty and life's daily grind. The School of MOM has enabled me to connect with a community of women who offer support, understanding and a sense of belonging in a world that can be isolating at times.

I've only just begun to explore the practice of mindfulness and can clearly see the benefits of incorporating it into my life. I give all the credit to The School of MOM."

- Amanda


"Finding connection with other women in The School of MOM has been a true solace.

Sarah helps us share our experiences in a way that is revealing and honest, but still comfortable. I don’t think it’s easy to find a community of supportive and positive moms, even under the best of circumstances. Sarah has built that community with The School of MOM."

- Amelia


"One of the most helpful parts of The School of MOM was the sense of community.

Even though we are all doing this virtually, there is a sense that we are working along side each other as like-minded mothers to find ways to find peace in the midst of chaos so that we can then better mother our children. I am finding that I am more aware of my triggers, more aware of what my body needs (movement!!!!), and in turn, working on self-compassion. This is a process and a journey. The School of MOM helped me to feel less like I am flailing in the world and gave me direction."

- Jess


"Working with Sarah has changed my life and unlocked my soul to experiencing myself, my life, and motherhood in the way I’ve always wanted.

She keeps its 100% real, offers you 360 support via extensive resources, yoga practice, mindfulness, and helping to reframe how I approached my anxiety and internal negative dialog. She’s extremely well read and brings that as a foundation coupled with her authentic way of connecting with you right where you're at....and always never with judgment. Sarah’s incorporation of mindfulness and self-compassion have unearthed the tools of mothering myself which is something I hadn’t done for myself and now that I’m a mom, is more important than ever."

- Christina

When you’re in the sludge of motherhood, flourishing can seem impossible.

But the truth is, The Flourished Mother lives within all of us. She embraces all parts of herself with a mindful, discerning, and loving presence. She is here to witness and honor the FULL spectrum of her own humanness and motherhood. 

She lives in YOU; it’s just a matter of learning…
What flourishing feels and looks like for YOU
How to tap into your innate flourishing

Ultimately, you’ll feel into your own personal version of flourishing, but here are a few examples of what you might be moving towards and cultivating on your personal path.

No time for yourself


Consistently make guilt and anxiety-free time for yourself as you know it is the MOST important priority for you and your family




Struggle with guilt, anxiety, lack of confidence, being checked out, overwhelmed


Embrace the full spectrum of motherhood (anxiety AND joy)—you ride all the waves of your experience with ease and acceptance




Feel disconnected from your body, although you’re acutely aware of the tension in your neck, shoulders, gut—wherever you personally carry it


Tuned into and deeply connected to the wisdom and language of your body




Understand that your nervous system is out of whack but unsure what to do about it


Understand the role of your biology, nervous system, and subconscious and have the skills and tools to take care of yourself from the inside out




Boundaries? What boundaries?


Boundary BOSS




Negative and unhelpful self-talk


Helpful self-talk and self-compassion!




Consistently putting your needs last, because what are your needs these days?


Regularly incorporate pleasure and rest into your daily life




Struggle to be present with your kids or show up in an intentional way in parenting


Feel proud and confident in your parenting and that you’re showing up in an intentional way




Have great mom friends, but feel defeated by the constant chatter of how hard it all is


Connected to a community of like-minded women who are on the same path of knowing that it’s possible to thrive and be a healthy model of being and doing for your kids




Ultimately, you’ll feel into your own personal version of flourishing

but here are a few examples of what you might be moving towards and cultivating on your personal path:

STEP 1: Establish your community plot and plan to GET IN THE GARDEN!

Chances are, you struggle to find time for yourself, so you’re (rightly!) worried about having the time to follow through with this program in the first place!

Our tailored process and curriculum for busy moms tackle the time management challenges head-on. Set boundaries and establish habits from the start for lasting success within Flourish and beyond.

This brings us to the 4-Step FLOURISH framework, which will serve as your self-gardening foundation and the “tool shed” you can return to time and time again in your life-long journey of thriving.

STEP 2: Becoming a Mindful Gardeness

Ready to embrace a new way of feeling and acting? Start by fully embracing your present experience with mindfulness, acceptance, and self-compassion.

FLOURISH integrates ancient wisdom and modern science to empower and equip you to become a mindful gardener gardeness 😉of your own well-being, nourishing yourself with care and wisdom.

STEP 3: Tending to Your Roots and Weeds

Uncover the influence of your ancestors and your biology on your life and personal patterns. Gain insights into why you think, feel, and act the way you do, fostering self-compassion along the way.

With newfound awareness and skills in mindfulness and self-compassion, you'll navigate life's ups and downs with more patience and grace and intentionally create positive new patterns for you and your family.

STEP 4: Cultivating Your Unique Flourishing Recipe

Elevate your journey to flourishing with purpose and ease. It's about more than just 'good enough'—you deserve to thrive. Embrace joy, ease, peace, and pleasure as you model flourishing for your children.

Discover your personalized recipe for sustainably nourishing the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Here's a sneak peak inside the School of MOM community...

You can see the path, but how do you get there?

Your path to FLOURISHING involves three key ingredients:


Foundational 4-step FLOURISH Framework rooted in psychology, neurobiology, and mindfulness to help you deepen your awareness


Accessible, science-backed skills and tools to add to your “thriving you” toolshed that are custom-designed and tweaked for mothers who require efficiency AND efficacy in their busy lives


Weekly live calls and classes to help you integrate and put what you’re learning into practice AND Private Community Members Discussion Area easily accessible through a custom app




Educational class taught by Sarah and Core/Guest Teachers



Nervous System Healing and Mindfulness class taught by Sarah (known as our MOM OM) that includes Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Rolling (my all-time favorite self-care and embodiment tools), mindfulness and gentle yoga/movement


2x Integration/Q&A calls where we play, practice, and dive into deep conversation with each other


Exploring your Lineage call to dive into generational patterning, the mother wound, and how to be intentional about what you’re modeling for your kids

For your 12 months in Flourish, here's what each and every week will look like:

You'll also receive...

Creating intentional time and space for mothering yourself on your calendar takes planning! Once a quarter, we will gather and have some fun supporting each other to tap into the wisest guide there is - our bodies! - to design the months ahead so that they reflect the goals, priorities, and values of our most aligned self.

Quarterly Path to Flourishing Co-Working Sessions

In addition to the weekly live calls, we will have additional live calls with our faculty and guest teachers to support you along the way with all facets of life and motherhood that contribute to your capacity and ability to mother yourself.

Additional Live Calls with Incredible Faculty and Guest Speakers

To flourish is a VERB, which means it’s an active process that needs consistent checking in, re-evaluating, and tweaking. And humans aren't built to flourish alone, which is why you'll have a community of professionals and peers that is here to help you every step of the way.

Personal Reflection and Planning Accountability Support

Nature teaches and reminds us that we can’t be “on” in the same way all the time. Motherhood has its own seasons and stages, and FLOURISH is set up to honor that. August and December will be “light” months to slow things down, prioritize rest, and allow for integration and reflection. 

2x “Light” Months


to Recap...


or $225/mo




"To say Sarah and The School of MOM has helped me become a better mom, wife, business partner, and boss, essentially a better human, would be a vast understatement.

She has helped me work towards becoming the best version of myself through giving my strategies to help cultivate better relationships both personally and professionally by teaching me how to have control over my actions, by first changing my thoughts.

She has taught me how to be more present and appreciative of my time with my kids through mindfulness and the practice of discernment (the pause between feelings and action). She has taught me to be less frustrated with challenging situations and/or people in my life through resetting my expectations and using boundaries.

She is the very best at what she does."

- Jamie O'Day

Ok, sounds interesting, but what will I actually be doing for myself in FLOURISH?!

I’m a visual learner and teacher and live for/love a good metaphor, so I want to introduce you to the best and most accurate metaphor I know for learning how to thrive in motherhood: Mother Nature herself. 

Think of FLOURISH as the personal and professional support you need to look at the garden that is YOU. First, tend to the soil and clear out the weeds that are getting in the way of your thriving. Then, learn how to plant seeds, tend to, and grow yourself so that you can thrive and be a healthy model for your future lineage.

To tend your garden, you need to pick a plot that supports your growth and then make a plan to make it a place to thrive! Remember, even your hardy succulents need a little TLC. 

Here’s what happens when you sign up for FLOURISH:

You will instantly gain access to the FLOURISH program space so that you can synch all the calls to your calendar. A week before we start, our community space will open and you can access the first step of the four-part FLOURISH framework to help set you up for success. Over time, you will receive the remaining three steps but know that the path to flourishing is not linear. You do not need to be an A+ student (but I see you all my Type-A’ers—you’re my people!) to reap the benefits. While the core curriculum is GOLD, we hear regularly that women get exactly what they desire by simply attending the live calls.

This is why, at the beginning of our time together, we will spend time orienting ourselves to the community space and course area. You will also get my brand new Path to Flourishing resource, which will support you in making time for yourself both for the live content and for the course curriculum.

Because if you are someone (like most moms I know!) who says, I know I need this and that it can help me, but I don’t have time for it, or I don’t know how I will actually make time for it, and I don’t want to sign up for another thing I won’t follow through on, KNOW THIS:

A huge part of FLOURISH, is learning how to engage with the program and materials so that you can reap the benefits.

How you engage with the program is a ripe opportunity to tend to weeds that may be getting in the way of your thriving and cultivate a new way of being and doing.

In other words, your mindfulness practice begins right away with how you relate to the program and materials, and we are here to hold you through that process every step of the way.


When I say, “We are here to hold you,” what does that mean?

While I (Sarah) am the head teacher in The School of MOM, I am acutely aware that I am only one voice and resource. It is my biggest honor and pleasure to bring together the best and most aligned speakers, teachers, and guides to support all of us in our personal flourishing.

The beauty of FLOURISH is that it, too, is its own garden that we are all co-creating and cultivating together. As we ebb and flow in our journey together, I will bring in whoever we need and desire to support what’s coming up for the collective community.

Here are some incredible teachers who will support your journey FLOURISH...

Therapist & Parenting Coach

Gretchen Herter

Mother to 5(!) & Parenting Coach

Michelle Mady 

Co-founders of Nurture by NAPS

Jamie O’Day & Emily Silver

Sex & Couples Therapist

Rebecca Eudy

Professional Priestess

Alexis Lawton

Astrologer and Cosmic Birth & Postpartum Guide

Regina Verret Foster

Anti-racism Educator

Ashani Mfuko

 Intuitive Psychologist and Heart-Center Healer

Dr. Lydiana Garcia

Flourish Expert Faculty

Get amazing support from our Flourish team around parenting, nourishing yourself, relationships, anti-racism and activism, lineage healing, and so much more!

“Sarah, I hope you know how incredible the community is that you’ve created here in The School of MOM.” - Stephanie


Meet your support staff:

Ali is a therapist, mom of three, and School of MOM OG. She is here to help you navigate all things FLOURISH, whether it be finding a certain part of the curriculum or jumping on a call to chat through blocks you’re experiencing. Ali will become a go-to resource while you are in FLOURISH.

Ali Schmitt, LICSW

Steph Dunn

Queen Bee Steph is here to answer all of your questions. Not particularly tech savvy? Can’t add the calls to your calendar? No problem. Steph is here to guide you every step of the way. 

And then there’s me

The longing to thrive as a woman personally and professionally AND to feel confident and proud of the mother that I am is why I chose and continue to be a student of what I teach in The School of MOM. 

As a mental health therapist and teacher, I’ve dedicated thousands of hours and worked with hundreds of clients, supporting them to cultivate a better way for themselves and their families. Combined with the lived experience of being a mother to two girls and doing my own deep work around mothering myself due to a now non-existent relationship with my mother, I can confidently say that I am a seasoned blend of professional and personal experience.

You are your own woman and mother with a unique history, biology, and lived experience. Yet we all share a common thread—we’re human beings with adaptive nervous systems and brains. And we will learn how to harness our humanness for the better together.

If we don’t know each other already, I truly hope we get to. I LOVE and live for connecting with women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get into the dirt of life and their own psyche with me.

I’m Sarah Harmon, a licensed mental health therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, mother to two girls, wife to a numbers-loving accountant, and forever student of my body and mind.

I am here to help teach you how to navigate your own humanness so that you can cultivate your personal path to and version of thriving in YOUR own life.

The best thing is that you'll not only have me, but you’ll also have a community of fellow self-gardeners to keep you accountable and, most importantly, have fun along the way!!



JUST GIVE ME THE           


✔︎ 4-part Core FLOURISH Curriculum—short educational videos as well as integration practices—all accessible via a custom app

✔︎ Weekly live calls for ongoing education, support, and integration—including 2 “light” months in Aug/Dec to reinforce our rest practice—a total of 5 monthly live calls (Curriculum-based calls are recorded for your convenience. In the interest of providing a safe container for all participants, calls that include personal discussion will not be recorded)

✔︎ Quarterly Path to Flourishing co-working sessions 

✔︎ Flourished Mother Welcome Gift ( two sets of Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls and other goodies to support you in your nervous system healing journey)

✔︎ You’ll be supported by our amazing faculty in all things parenting, relationships, cyclical living, anti-racism, and MORE

✔︎ Private community discussion space with access to Sarah and fellow FLOURISH members
First access to all in-person opportunities

✔︎ BONUS: MOM Practice Library access (compilation of 30+ short mothering yourself mindfully practices)

✔︎ BONUS: Path to Flourishing—A system to help you actually make time for yourself so that you can BE the present, happy, and healthy woman that you yearn to be

It's time to Flourish.

or $225 /mo



If you're still reading, really take this in...

When it comes to creating new cycles of being for yourself and your family, that don’t involve self-sacrifice or burnout, you CAN’T do this work alone.

You can’t be expected (as societal and patriarchal programming makes us believe) to forego your own needs or throw in the towel on trying to seek self-care that actually nourishes you!

Prioritizing your ever-evolving needs IS the core ingredient to being the mom you want to be.

When you tend to the roots of what leads you to flounder and struggle and plant and nourish seeds that lead to your own personal flourishing, everyone benefits!

You are the ultimate source of regenerative wellness for yourself and your family; it’s time to say ‘yes’ to the possibility that comes with this truth.




When are the live calls? And what if I can’t attend?

We have a consistent cadence of live calls each month. 
All calls are recorded except the Integration/Q&A calls to preserve confidentiality and create a safe space for everyone to show up.

- First week of the month: is an Educational class taught by Sarah and Core/Guest Teachers

- Second week of the month: is a Nervous System Healing and Mindfulness class taught by Sarah (known as our MOM OM) to help you that includes Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Rolling (my and the women in The School of MOM’s ALL TIME favorite self-care and embodiment tools), mindfulness and gentle yoga/movement

- Third week of the month: has 2x Integration/Q&A calls where we play, practice and dive into deep conversation with each other

- Fourth week of the month: is an Exploring your Lineage call to dive into generational patterning, the mother wound, and how to be intentional about what you’re modeling for your kids
Note: There are two “light” months and will only have the evening MOM OM and 2x Live Integration & Q/A calls.

We will also have Quarterly Path to Flourishing co-working sessions:

Creating intentional time and space for mothering yourself on your calendar takes planning! Once a quarter, we will gather and have some fun supporting each other to tap into the wisest guide there is - our bodies! - to design the months ahead so that they reflect the goals, priorities, and values of our most aligned self.


Just like nature (because we are nature!), we take time to evolve and grow. FLOURISH is a year long program as we want you to give yourself the gift of space and time, especially with all the life and motherhood will inevitably throw at you! We also know that doing deeper inner healing work can take time, so we want to make sure you have support along your personal journey.


YES! I am so excited to be moving towards more in-person opportunities. As a FLOURISH member, you have an insider invitation to in-person events, including my intimate small group program called Radical Flourishing. This program is eight months and includes 2x in-person retreats, regular small group (6-7 women) calls, and 1:1 coaching/somatic healing calls.


I basically wrote this question for myself as I have signed up for SO many programs and courses over the years that I haven’t followed through with. FLOURISH is a product of all of my learnings over the years for what works/doesn’t work for moms.
Just like you can’t get strong if you don’t lift the weight (the famous gym analogy!), you can’t make a change in your life without putting in some effort. To cultivate the flourishing garden that is YOU, you will have to get your hands dirty and pull out the watering can. With that said, a big part of this program is helping you make intentional time for yourself to engage with the program! And we know from hearing from hundreds of women who have now been a part of The School of MOM that you can get life changing results from all levels of engagement. For example, we have women that only show up for a few lives a month and report that they are COMPLETELY different humans than they were before they started.

The bottom line is: you get out what you put in, AND we are going to help you put in what works and feels good for you.

Can I talk to Sarah live to see if this is a good fit for me?

YES - it's important to feel like this is a YES, even if it feels a little edgy and uncomfortable. You can book a 15 minute chat HERE with Sarah to discuss any questions you have and whether FLOURISH is a good fit for you at this season and stage of your life.  

You may still be wondering what makes this different from the podcasts you listen to or the myriad of social media influencers you've encountered with posts like “5 ways to decrease your mental load as a mother.” 

Well, how are those working out for you?

The real problem and the only sustainable solution to your struggle runs much deeper than a quick “5 tips and tricks” surface-level fix.

Get the science-backed interactive, integration-focused support from a trusted professional that you need to BECOME the present and resilient mother you know you can be.

Why not simultaneously break generational and societal patterns and teach your kids that a different way of being and doing is possible along the way?



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