Are you craving unconditional love and acceptance from a mother who is unable to give it to you? 

The anger, guilt, and resentment that you feel in your relationship, not to mention the fear that you are going to repeat history with your own kid(s), is EXHAUSTING.

The status quo is not acceptable, and waiting or wishing for your mom to change and hoping for the best is not the solution.



UNTETHERED is an intimate group healing program for moms who are ready to feel free from the anger, guilt, and resentment in their relationship with their moms, but more importantly, free from craving love and acceptance from someone who is unable to give it to them.  

Having a dysfunctional mothering relationship has a life-long impact on your:

    Relationship with your body
    Role as a mother
    Mental, physical, and emotional health

If you struggle with any (or all! 🙋‍♀️) of these and have internalized them as your unworthiness and fault, then I have a new and potentially mind-blowing framework to share with you. 

Did you know?


You desperately want to feel different in your relationship with your mom.

You want to know that you are showing up differently with your kid(s) and will not repeat history by becoming your mother.

You also want to stop letting your relationship with your mother seep into all areas of your life, such as your relationship with yourself, your parenting, and your marriage/partnership.

And here’s where the real talk comes in…

It's not you that's the problem. You can't think or talk your way into feeling differently. But you can get to the source of your struggle and heal from the root by centering your body and nervous system as the solution. With the right guidance and support, you can tap into the infinite wisdom and healing of something that is always with you and cheering for your growth — your body. 

UNTETHERED exists because I know this journey INTIMATELY well.

UNTETHERED is a science-backed, community-based healing problem led by me, Sarah Harmon, a professional with over a decade of professional mental health and mindfulness experience but also personal experience working through and healing a dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship with my own mother.

You don’t need to defend or explain your experience and dark thoughts to me. I get them. I’ve had them. 

I’ve healed and moved my way through some incredibly dark times to a place where I can truly say I am UNTETHERED from my mother. I am UNTETHERED from the anger, guilt, and resentment that I’ve felt towards my mother, especially as I’ve become a mom. 

I’m UNTETHERED from the yearning for her love and acceptance. 

I’m UNTETHERED from the guilt and shame that come with setting and maintaining firm boundaries that serve me and my family. 

And I am UNTETHERED from the fear that I will become my mother and repeat history for my own kids.

And in this process of untethering, I’ve come to learn that freedom and peace are available to you. 


 I’ve learned that I’m worth the love and acceptance I’ve always needed and craved. In fully releasing the hope that my mother will show up for me, I’ve been able to connect to my own inner resource of mothering that is within all of us. 

And I can help you tap into yours. 

If you’re truly ready for REAL change and untethering yourself from the toxic emotions that you just can’t seem to shake no matter how much you logically understand them, then UNTETHERED is for you.


FEELING FREE FROM THE INVISIBLE TETHERS IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MOM that you just can’t shake no matter how much talk therapy and reading you do ie. consistent need for approval, guilt, anger, resentment… and many more.

KNOWING HOW TO MEET YOUR OWN NEEDS AND MOTHER YOURSELF using the practices of mindfulness and self-compassion and intentional integration of boundaries, pleasure, and rest.

FEELING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND SUPPORT not only from yourself but from your fellow companions in your UNTETHERED cohort.

In UNTETHERED, you will:

Be witnessed, affirmed, and seen with compassion and understanding by a group of women who can relate

Gain clarity on your specific tethers so that you can release them and find freedom

Learn practical tools for regulating your nervous system to move toward peace and healing

Learn how to IN-source the connection and unconditional love and acceptance you need and deserve as a human 

Confidently decide what boundaries you would like to set in your relationship with your mother, and get support implementing them

Develop connections and friendships with women who have walked a similar path, and support one another in your healing journeys


Is UNTETHERED for you?

Due to the intimate nature of this small group program and the specificity of our shared struggle, UNTETHERED is for moms who have a “hard” relationship with their mother, regardless of whether she is living or not. I’m not here to qualify your hard. But if you struggle with anger, guilt, and resentment in your relationship with your mother, there’s a good chance that UNTETHERED can provide the liberatory practices you need to confidently flourish as a human AND as a mother to your own kid(s). 

How do you know if UNTETHERED is right for you?

Have a difficult relationship with your mother or another mother figure in your life
Are feeling stuck, angry, and frustrated in this relationship despite the work and energy you’ve devoted to “fixing” it
Yearn for unconditional love and acceptance 
Are committed to being a cycle breaker and want better for your kid(s)
Experience feelings of overwhelming love for your kid(s) AND also pain and resentment for the mom you didn’t have
You’re ready to heal, change, and move forward
Have a solid, functional relationship with your mother or mother figure
Are not open to exploring your own body and nervous system and how you show up in the world
Don’t yet feel comfortable sharing your journey in a supportive community
Aren’t yet ready to do the self-reflection necessary to change and heal
Have little interest in transformational change—you’re happy with the status quo

UNTETHERED is for you if you …

UNTETHERED may not be for you right now if you…


You are a mom who barely has time to read this page and your time and energy are PRECIOUS. My goal is to make this process as efficient as possible while maintaining that healing cannot be rushed and does take time.

When you apply to UNTETHERED, I’ll schedule a brief discovery call, and we’ll cover the format and structure (and lots more!), in detail.

The format of UNTETHERED is what makes it unique and transformational

Here’s what to expect:

Curated content on topics ranging from self-compassion to grief.

Small group coaching provides peer and professional support and builds deep and meaningful relationships with your fellow UNTETHERED moms.

You’ll work with me one-on-one to develop personalized body and nervous system practices that promote your individual healing 

A supportive community can be like a fast lane for healing, and here, you’ll find YOUR people 

Access to my signature Mothering Ourselves Mindfully Program, a $1500 value
Learn more here.

    Join The Untethered Waitlist


    I am 100% committed to helping you feel freer and at peace in your relationship with your mother.

    That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if UNTETHERED is the best choice to get you there. 

    Here’s the deal: UNTETHERED is not a casual or “soft” program, and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if it’s really “worth it,” and I get that.

    I am so incredibly confident in this science-backed program and the impact that it has that I can promise you that if you show up with an open mind and heart, participate fully, take in feedback, and you still feel stuck and hopeless, then we will continue to work together and make an actionable plan that sets you on your path toward liberation. 

    If you’re ready to become UNTETHERED from your challenging relationship with your mother and willing to do the work to get there, there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply today.

    Everything you’ve done to this point in trying to heal your relationship with your mother has been important because it got you here.

    You’re done with spending time, money, and energy on trying to feel differently and heal, only to be right back where you started. You’re ready to see visible results.

    You want to feel whole and connected to yourself and to those you love.

    You want to feel differently in your body when you think about or see her and feel confident in how and when to interact with her, if at all.

    You’re here reading this page because you are not ready to throw in the towel yet on feeling differently.


    Where you are is not your fault. BUT it is your responsibility to move forward and take ownership of your own growth and change.

    But you know (thanks to your mother) that change doesn’t happen by accident or by chance. 

    Change happens because you are READY and you find the right support at the right time from the right person. You take the leap of faith and say yes to the unknown because you trust that receiving help is necessary to get where you want to go. Period.

    And when it comes to the next level of change that you are craving and deserve, you are starting to realize that you must center your BODY as the source of your healing.

    If you’re ready to finally find freedom and peace in your relationship and UNTETHER yourself from the yearning, guilt, anger, and resentment with your mother, join us.


    We are 100% committed to the incredible women who join us in UNTETHERED.

    Over the course of the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals in my clinical work and in The School of MOM heal in their relationships with their mothers and learn how to mother themselves. 

    But as a clinician once said to me when I was in grad school, you can only help someone as much as you’ve been able to help yourself.

    And this is why I am an open book when it comes to my relationship and healing journey my own mother. I have a Master’s degree, and too many professional trainings to count under my “experience” belt, but I have a PhD thanks to my mother. She is the reason this program exists and that you too can find the peace and relief I have been able to cultivate for myself.

    But you don’t just have to listen to me go on about my own experience…

    Instead, you can hear directly from women just like you who’ve experienced these results firsthand.

    "I'm a scientist who is cynical about whether things can actually help me and I also have a hard time trusting my gut. But after hearing Sarah's story and learning about this program, something inside of me knew I needed to sign up.

    I have talked about my relationship with my mother for a very long time in therapy, but have continued to feel isolated and unresolved. Until this program, I didn't realize how important it is to have a community of women who truly get you, in order to heal and move forward. I know now that I couldn't have received the validation and support I truly need and deserve in a setting that was more individualized, such as 1:1 therapy.

    Before UNTETHERED, I felt like a pebble being tossed around in the ocean - at the mercy and whim of whatever was happening around me - especially with my mother. Every time I interacted with her and was triggered, it felt like a little part of me and the armor I had tried to build to protect myself was getting chipped away. Now I feel grounded and in control instead of feeling like I'm stuck in a washing machine. I feel rooted with a healthy connection to MYSELF. And, I now have clarity and confidence that I am going to show up for my kids in a much different way than my mother did for me.

    If you have a fucked up relationship with your mom, and you are reading this than trust that this program is right for you. I remember reading about it and feeling so seen. I remember getting the shivers in my body and thinking to myself... this isn't a coincidence. 

    I'm not going to say trust your gut (because up until recently I wasn't able to trust mine).... but I will say, that if you connect with what Sarah has to say, this program is for YOU. APPLY!"

    Meet Tina

     BECOME untethered

    And Hilary...

    "I have been in therapy for awhile, but I never thought about how my relationship with my mother was so related to many of things I've been struggling with/working through. Truthfully, I wasn't looking for targeted support on my history with my mother, but when I saw Sarah on a video speaking about her story, I knew it was the right time to get some extra support.

    The UNTETHERED Program helped me put all the pieces together. It helped me see "the shit" more clearly ie. how my relationship (or lack thereof) with my mother has influenced who I am today and some of the unconscious ways I think and act that are no longer serving me - especially around the self-judgement and pressure I put on myself. 

    UNTETHERED also introduced me to an incredible community of women. While our stories were different, they helped me to know I wasn't alone. Hearing regularly from these other women affirmed that I wasn't the only one experiencing hard thoughts and feelings connected to my mother. It was so great to know that I could be honest, and these women wouldn't judge me because they GET IT."

    And VERA...

    " I wanted to share that I was majorly tested this morning with my mom and I feel untethered. I feel free from the weight of emotion I would have previously felt from her actions. I know she is just not capable and I dont need to put my energy towards wishing, wanting and hoping. It also isn’t about me. It’s a reflection of her. I still feel sad but not in the same devastating way. Thank you. This work is touching my soul."

    And ANNE...

    And DAWN...

    “I truly cannot thank you enough for the gift of this program. I have learned so much about myself and feel like this one aspect of my life has somehow been “cleaned up.” There’s a lot of messy stuff in my life I want to work through for me, but my mom was one I was afraid of starting. I am SO glad I did it.”

    Through UNTETHERED, you’ll finally feel free from the “hook” that your mom has in you, no matter whether she’s living or you currently have no contact with her.


    You will confidently know that you are breaking generational patterns in the lineage of your family that didn’t serve your mom, don’t serve you, and you know will not serve your kid(s).

    You’ll feel mothered and taken care of by the next best and most qualified person to love and accept you unconditionally…. YOU.

    Are you ready?

    You can continue reading and re-reading this page or you can take action. You don’t need to resign yourself to the fact that your mother will always be a thorn in your side and that she will always be influencing your relationship/parenting/

    Freedom, peace, and the unconditional love and acceptance that you SO deserve are ready and waiting for you.

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