Discover how to be more present, happier, and healthier, by learning how to actually take care of yourself.

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What would you tell your kid(s) if they 

… messed up?

… were beating themselves up?

… were struggling and needed help?

… asked you for love and attention?



I bet it wouldn’t be …. 

…what’s wrong with you? (in a disgusted tone)

…why can’t you just figure it out on your own or suck it up? Everyone else is!

…you don’t deserve support, rest or pleasure - you haven’t earned it

…you’re so needy, selfish and high maintenance

If any of those thoughts tend to circle through your brain on repeat, you’re not alone. 


After witnessing the minds of women in my decade-long practice as a therapist and yoga teacher (not to mention my own mind for forty years!), I’m reminded time and time again: 

Women speak to themselves in a way they’d NEVER speak to their children, a friend, or even a stranger. 

Which is why I want you to hear and absorb this into every cell of your being.


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Losing your shit, feeling distracted, and sometimes wishing you were anywhere other than with your kids is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Self-doubt, lack of confidence, and self-criticism is NOT YOUR FAULT.

The disconnection you experience from your body, your needs, and your sense of self is NOT YOUR FAULT.

The overwhelm of mental, physical, and emotional load that is burning you out is NOT YOUR FAULT.

You are the product of your environment and culture.

You are the product of numerous systems in a society and that has not taught or modeled for you how to actually take care of yourself!!!! 

And even though none of these things are your fault, it IS is your responsibility to take ownership of making conscious and intentional changes not only for you but for your kids. 

You are the only one responsible for breaking this cycle. No one can do it for you. (Although that would be SO NICE!)

You have the ability to become more conscious than the generations of women before you.

You have the ability to say, enough is enough! I’m choosing a different path that includes more boundaries, pleasure and rest for myself and my kids.

You have the opportunity to become more present, happier, and healthier for yourself and for everyone you love.

And while you’re reading that, part of you might feel inspired, and part of you might feel like that is another thing you have to do. And it’s true! The responsibility to become more self-aware and intentional is a big one, and this is why I don’t recommend holding it alone.

I also don’t recommend floundering to figure out how to actually make positive change on your own. Because you’re a mom, and who has time for that!?

When it comes to mothering, don’t you prefer to lean on the mom who has done all the research? I know I do.

When it comes to learning how to mother YOURSELF, I encourage you to lean on my extensive professional training and experience as a therapist and certified mindfulness teacher. And more than that, lean on me as someone who has been on her own personal mothering myself journey for over a decade thanks to losing my mother to mental illness many years ago.

I eat, sleep, and breathe mindfulness, psychology and the science of habits, and it is truly my life’s work to tailor all the data and tools out there to moms specifically.

We are a special breed, and we deserve special treatment!!! We also deserve the be in a supportive community of like-minded women who “get us.”


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Speaking of Moms….

In case no one has told you’re doing great!
It’s time to take credit for all that you’re doing.
You read the blogs and listen to the podcasts on every topic from feeding, to sleeping, to discipline, to “how to raise a kind child,” and everything in between.

You’re up at 3 am going over the packing list or the school list or the list of questions for the doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

You drive them here… and there… and everywhere.

You research and assemble the summer camp puzzle. (Speaking from personal experience… that felt harder than my master’s thesis!)

You arrange the playdates and buy the presents for the birthday parties.

You arrive (mostly) on time for pickups and drop-offs, and are there as fast as you can be for those unexpected middle-of-the-day fever calls.

You wash their favorite shirt (again) even though there are 15 other clean ones in the drawer.

You laugh, hug, and smile bigger than you knew thoughts possible.

You listen, you care for, and you love. 

You love HARD.

And while caring for and loving your kids may not have come naturally, it has evolved and continues to evolve. 

So if you’ve still got some doubts and worries that get in the way of seeing how amazing you truly are, know this:

You can write the rules.

You can get clear on the values that matter to YOU.

You can pass off or drop ALL the balls that you never wanted to pick up in the first place.

You can ask for support and more importantly… RECEIVE IT … without guilt and doubt.

You can feel confident and at ease in the messy unknowns that are what parenting is all about.

You can stay present and grounded in the tantrums and with the triggers… and better yet - respond intentionally in a way that feels in line with those values that are so important to you.

You can know (and not question!) what you need to thrive as a woman and mom… and feel comfortable being assertive and asking for what you need.

You can CRUSH mothering YOURSELF too. 

The one you co-create with yourself. 

I'm ready to crush mothering myself

Compassionately taking care of your OWN needs starts with recognizing the thought patterns and beliefs holding you back from making time for yourself.
Imagine going from

“I don’t have any time for myself.” → “I make time for what I value and I know that I am worth my own time and attention.”

“It’s too much money.” → “Investing in myself is the single most important investment I can ever make. Becoming a more mindful and compassionate human has an infinite return on investment.”

“I don’t think it will actually help.” → “I trust the science and powerful testimonials of the women who have come before me… and know that what I get out of it is connected to what I put in.”

You deserve a space to come home to yourself where you’ve got your own back. 
An 8-month program combining education, community, and support. You’ll get the tools you need to discover how to take care of yourself so you can be a more present, happier, and healthier version of yourself. 

Mothering Oneself Mindfully

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What does “Mothering oneself mindfully” mean? Let’s look to nature: 

When you’re born, you are your own little garden of healthy, fertilized soil. You are fresh out (literally!) with no seeds or growth.

But for the early years of your life… other people start tending to the garden that is you.

Your caregivers, the communities you’re a part of and your culture and society as a whole plant “seeds” ie. beliefs and thoughts that become an unhealthy self-image and programmed beliefs.

Your external environment and those around you are in control of your garden.

Until you become an adult… and have a more developed brain (ie. a prefrontal cortex) that can start to assess, reason and make conscious decisions for yourself. 

And that’s where you are now: reading this with that ripe (no pun intended) mind of yours…

which means you have the ability to become your own gardener.

And... to cultivate your own awareness and tend to your previously grown and developed garden of beliefs and behaviors.

This is at the heart of mothering yourself mindfully.

 It’s becoming conscious of what's in your "garden" (ie. your mind and body).

It’s prepping the soil to figure out how you can cultivate new habits of thinking, being and doing in your mind, body and life.

It's deciding what weeds have been growing that need to be uprooted.

It’s asking yourself what new seeds do I want to plant today that will help me grow and develop into the human, parent, partner, friend and family member that I want to be?

Or perhaps, what needs to be nourished that’s been neglected?

"To say Sarah and The School of MOM has helped me become a better mom, wife, business partner, and boss, essentially a better human, would be a vast understatement. She has helped me work towards becoming the best version of myself.

She has taught me how to be more present and appreciative of my time with my kids through mindfulness and self-compassion. She has taught me to be less frustrated with challenging situations and/or people in my life through resetting my expectations and using boundaries.

She is the very best at what she does."

- Jamie O'Day, Founder of Boston NAPS

One of the most helpful things for me in Mothering Oneself Mindfully is the sense of community. Even though we are all doing this virtually, there is a sense that we are working alongside each other as like-minded mothers to find ways to find peace in the midst of chaos so that we can then better mother our children. I am finding that I am more aware of my triggers, more aware of what my body needs (movement!!!!), and in turn, working on self compassion. This is a process and a journey. This program has helped me to feel less like I am flailing in the world and gave me a bit of direction. It’s provided accountability, connection, movement (including more ball rolling!!!), and ongoing growth. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to continue this work with Sarah and other women in The School of MOM.

- Jess

Fall 2023

In order to consciously care for yourself, you will first learn about the core components of mindfulness. You will discover what “weeds” have been growing in your mind/body that are not serving you at this point and time in your life.

The four foundational components of mindfulness include:

In order to make positive change, you need to start by seeing your mind, emotions, and body clearly (without judgment!). When one of those usual “What if I’m a bad mom?” thoughts comes up, you’ll learn to get curious about where that thought is coming from, which will take you on a totally new journey of self-discovery as you get to the root of the feeling.

Discernment is the difference between snap judgments/reactions and thoughtful and intentional responses. The space between trigger and response is where mindful discernment lies - and harnessing this skill is truly a superpower! I can’t promise that you’ll stop reacting when your kid throws their shoe at you or your teenager rolls their eyes for the umpteenth time, but you’ll be able to intentionally decide how you want to react if you do.  

The opposite of acceptance is resistance, and mindfulness teaches us that this is actually the root cause of suffering! Learning how to allow and accept what is happening is a gateway to finding peace and grace with yourself and others. This doesn’t mean you’ll allow all your desires to go unheeded, however – part of acceptance is knowing when a situation can change, and when it’s time to walk away for your own health.

Self-compassion is truly the heart of the Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program. You aren't practicing mindfulness if you aren't practicing self-compassion/compassion. I truly believe that learning what self-compassion is and how to bring it into your everyday life is a golden secret to showing up for your kids and yourself in a way that feels good to you.   

Here’s how the Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program breaks down

The School of MOM and the Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program is here to help you become a conscious and compassionate gardener of your own mind and body.

Winter/Spring 2024

If you are a legit gardener (which I am desperately trying to be!), you know that in order to successfully grow the seeds you would like to grow, you need to first prep the soil. In the MOM Program, this means you will learn how to create space to make time for yourself and figure out what seeds (i.e. new habits of thinking/doing/being) you even want to plant!

Monthly Breakdown 

Each month, there will be a live call each week with 2 integration weeks

The general structure of each month will be:

Week 1: Live workshop on monthly theme - Tuesday at 1 pm EST

Week 2: MOM OM - live yoga, ball rolling, meditation class on Monday evening (aka: Mothering Oneself Mindfully On Mondays) - Monday at 7:45 pm EST

Week 3: Integration Call 1 at 10 am EST

Week 4: Integration Call 2 at 1 pm EST
*Integration calls are where you have space to reflect, ask questions and integrate lessons and practices. You are encouraged to attend both, but one is better than none!

Additional LIVE calls include guest speakers & adjunct faculty calls with our parenting coaches. All calls are included in a calendar that you can synch to your personal calendar to get reminders. 

Step 1: Become a Mindful Gardener: Discover Tools to See and Clear Your Weeds
Step 2: Prep Your Soil and Choose Your Seeds 

Once you have the foundational knowledge and skills to practice and integrate mindfulness and self-compassion into your life and way of being, and you have identified what you would ideally like to cultivate in YOU, it’s time to grow new thinking/doing/being habits. When it comes to nature, we know that water and sun are key ingredients to help nourish growth. When it comes to humans, we also need key ingredients to nourish and grow parts of ourselves i.e. to learn new habits.

We’ll learn about the 3 core ingredients to mothering oneself mindfully.

I joke that everything comes back to boundaries, but it’s true! Boundaries are FOUNDATIONAL for mothering yourself. During this month, you’ll learn what they are and how to implement them in all aspects of your life. Think: your relationships, schedule, and kids, just to name a few!

When you become a mom, a lot of your pleasure is tied up in your kids. Their laughs and full night’s sleep bring you pleasure and that’s a wonderful thing! But as moms, we need to learn/re-learn how to welcome pleasure into our lives for ourselves, and what pleasure even looks and feels like in the first place!

It may seem a little dramatic, but a well-rested mother is quite radical. This month is all about embracing the seemingly unattainable and radical practice of rest. You’ll learn the benefits of rest, how and why to prioritize it, and how to design your own path to actually FEEL rested in the chaos of your daily life as a mom.

Step 3: Nourish and Grow Your Seeds

The final step of the Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program helps you look to nature as your model and guide when it comes to the process of cultivating habits and making longlasting changes in your life.You’ll harness your new level of consciousness to discern what’s important to you and how you’ll continue the teachings and practices you’ve learned in the Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program to stay committed to your own growth.

During our closing virtual retreat, we’ll focus on three often overlooked, but incredibly important components of making positive changes in your life - being witnessed and celebrated. The retreat will take place on May 30th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm EST.

Step 4: Witness and Celebrate Your Growth


MOM Program
8 months

Your investment in YOU

Opening and Closing Virtual Retreats

Monthly Live Classes

Monthly Live MOM OMs

Monthly Live Integration Calls

Monthly Live Guest Speakers 

Adjunct Faculty Drop-ins with Parenting Coach, Children's Therapist & DEI Coach

Moderated Community Space 

Masterclass Vault - Guest Expert sessions covering topics such as intergenerational trauma and mental load

Mothering Yourself Mindfully Goodie Box for first timers (includes Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls and Coregeous Ball for MOM OMs)

The MOM Practice Library (compilation of short mothering yourself mindfully practices)


There is limited space available for The Circle of MOM—our more intimate small group program for women looking to get extra support and accountability in the practice of mothering oneself mindfully. The Circle of MOM includes 2 LIVE in-person retreats in the Boston area. If you are interested in this higher level of support, you can indicate that on your registration and will be notified if space is available.


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Wondering who's behind all this?

Hi I'm Sarah Harmon, creator of The School of MOM

I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (ie. therapist), yoga & mindfulness teacher and mother to two girls.

The School of MOM was birthed (pun intended!) out of my personal experience as a mother and its intersection with my professional experience in my therapy practice and yoga classes, working with moms.

About a decade ago, personal issues with my own Mother pushed me into the deep end of struggles. I knew many of my clients and friends were experiencing these challenges too...

high self-expectations
self-criticism and 
endlessly seeking approval 
...they showed up everywhere. And support and affirmation from my own Mother wasn't only hard to come by, it was unavailable. And when you’re pushed into the deep end, it truly is sink or swim. But I learned...

There was a floatation device that was accessible to me at ALL times, that I didn't know was there —
the ancient wisdom and teachings of mindfulness and self-compassion. (If you’re a fellow science and data nerd - the awesome thing to note is that all of these practices are backed by modern day data and science!)

And - and speaking of devices that are monumentally impactful, I also came to understand during this challenging time how my favorite “yoga tool” ie.Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls were not just about giving yourself some physical relief via self-massage. These little magic balls became the little compassionate companions on the presence and self-compassion journey.

They not only helped me take self-care into my own hands, they became the tangible tool for me to build self-awareness and heal on a mental, physical and emotional level.

It is this healing and awareness that has prepared me well to guide and support you on your journey with mothering, taking care of yourself and healing on many levels!

I’ve brought all my personal and professional experience, training and wisdom together to share with you in a transformative group coaching and self-care program for you to experience the same life-changing impact mindfulness and self-compassion can have on your life.

As Seen on

 While a lot of the work we do is personal, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. 

Because you learned so many of your thought patterns and habits in community, one of the best places to UNLEARN them is also within community. 

With group coaching, you’ll discover the kind of support that comes from women who understand what it means to survive listening to 8 hours of “Baby Shark”... on 3 hours of sleep. You’ll discover how at ease and nourished you can feel when you are with people who you don’t have to explain anything to - ESPECIALLY how you feel. 

They’ll lovingly (but firmly) insist you show up for yourself, even when you don’t feel like you can, and cheer you on as you make consistent strides in your journey of mothering yourself mindfully. And they’ll lovingly reflect back to you time and time again (as many times as you need to hear it) that you are crushing it at motherhood, and that you ARE worth your own time and attention.

How do you take advantage of this? Sign up and make sure you join the integration calls. 

I'm ready to get started

The small group coaching has been a lifeline to my sanity for the past year. When I signed up I had no idea just how impactful these women would be in my journey to trying to better myself and my parenting. I learn something about myself on every call from listening to them and connecting over similar experiences. The calls have made me feel less alone as a mother. Sarah has helped to provide a roadmap for incremental, do-able changes in a non-judgemental, swear like a pirate if need be, cry if necessary, empowering environment. I NEVER want to leave this group.  

~ Caitlyn

Sometimes the most selfless act of parenting comes from showing up for yourself.

There’s a lot of parenting resources that talk about unconditional love.

The feeling of knowing someone has your back.

That you can mess up and be forgiven every time. 

The knowledge that even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, you can be admired for being perfectly imperfect. 

But some of you reading this may not actually relate to or know these feelings. If being unconditionally loved and accepted by your parents feels completely foreign, know that you’re not alone. 

And… this is why you’re here, on this page, ready to learn how to mother yourself mindfully. 

You are here to make RADICAL shifts in generational cycles of guilt, shame, and judgment. 
To show your children that because you unconditionally love and accept yourself, you’ve got your own back, which means that you’ve also got theirs. 

In the most conscious and loving way possible. 

So that when you say, “I’m here for you. You can always call me,” 

It’s coming from an unshakeable foundation… because you’ve done the work on YOU.

Guest Speakers & Adjunct Faculty


I believe a school is only as good as its teachers!

While I will be your headteacher through the duration of the program, one of my FAVORITE parts of The School of MOM is bringing in AMAZING women who can teach and engage with us on a variety of topics.

Our newly revamped curriculum and program won’t just have guest teachers – we’ll also welcome adjunct faculty who will be more accessible on a regular basis. 



Rebranding Motherhood

How to achieve your most ambitious goals



Navigating Peri-menopause and Menopause: What's normal, what's not and how to ease into these cycle phases of life

Already Perfect?: Rethinking 'Self-Improvement




Michelle Mady 

Michelle (who I refer to as the toddler whisperer!) is an early childhood educator, mom of five (yes you read that right... FIVE!) and child advocate. 

Her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education has given her knowledge to share best practices. However, her 15 years of experience have given her the wisdom to share realistic tools and goals that have been tested in various settings.

I am so grateful for Michelle for helping me with all my parenting and behavioral questions, and can't wait for our community to learn from (and laugh with!) her.

I am always clear with my clients and community that I do NOT work with kids, even though I have them. This is why I'm thrilled to welcome licensed mental health therapist and parenting coach, Gretchen Herter, to help us understand child development and ways to foster healthy mental and emotional health.

Gretchen utilizes a combination of different therapeutic modalities and helps clients and parents to develop positive coping strategies to meet their goals and strives to provide an open, warm and positive environment in which clients can work toward their own personal-growth and development.

As seen on OWN, CBS, and HGTV, Ashani Mfuko is an Award-Winning Anti-Racism Educator, and the Host of the Anti-Racism School Is In Session™ Podcast. She is also a Digital Content Creator, Professional Dancer, and the CEO of Ashani Mfuko Consulting Worldwide LLC, a global DEI communications consultancy; which also provides anti-racism education, and diverse digital media services, based in the state of New York.
Ashani teaches established leaders and parents worldwide, how to become anti-racist, live an anti-racist lifestyle, and raise anti-racist kids, so they can create a more beautiful and equitable world for all people.
 Ashani believes that we all have a God-given purpose on this earth, and deserve to live peacefully, freely, and be fully ourselves, without fear of harm, discrimination, or mistreatment of any kind.
She is committed to dismantling the oppressive systems that intentionally harm people in marginalized groups, and educating and empowering people all over the world on how to become anti-racist, and live an anti-racist lifestyle, 365 days of the year.


One of my key values in life and business is authenticity. In order to show up as my full authentic self, I want to be laser clear about what I stand for and what I am committed to when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. You can read the rest of my DEI journey statement HERE.

Gretchen Herter 

Ashani Mfuko

Let’s be honest:

There's NO way we're going to get through a year of this program without some pop up visits from two of my absolute favorite friends and moms, Jamie O'Day and Emily Silver from Nurture by NAPS for the perfect blend of personal and professional parenting advice.

Sooo you have that to look forward to as well. 

And ultimately...who do you WANT to be making this decision? 

The present, compassionate and resilient version of you is waiting – are you ready to BE HER NOW?

As a therapist, I am acutely aware that when people aren’t ready for change… we can’t force ANYONE to engage in or make change.  

My job isn’t to convince you one way or the other with your decision. 

My job is to help you see that these lines are the “seeds” that we are talking about that need to be pulled up. This “cluster” of seeds involves fear, lack and contraction. 

So the question isn’t actually - am I ready for this program?

The question is:

- Am I ready to say yes to a future version of myself?
- Am I ready to say yes to the part of me that knows I’m ready to expand and grow?
- Am I ready to invest in the woman, partner, friend and mom that I am BECOMING?

Am I ready to plant seeds from a new cluster… a cluster of trust, abundance and expansion?

Making this change is up to you

"The Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program opened my eyes to the power of mindfulness and gave me space to learn how to practice it. Sarah's expertise is only surpassed by her warmth, compassion and commitment to helping women cope with stress, uncertainty and life's daily grind. The School of MOM has enabled me to connect with a community of women who offer support, understanding and a sense of belonging in a world that can be isolating at times. I've only just begun to explore the practice of mindfulness and can clearly see the benefits of incorporating it into my life. I give all the credit to The School of MOM."

- Amanda

I was vaguely familiar with mindfulness practice, but Sarah helped me to strengthen the connection between mindfulness practice and my everyday life. There was no pressure or promises of immediate happiness or peace, but there were tangible everyday strategies, science based information about the way our brains work (science nerd here, I loved it), and most importantly gentle encouragement and compassion. There are so many amazing things to highlight about Sarah’s program, but my favorite by far has been being a part of the community. The willingness of other women to have an open dialogue with themselves and share so vulnerablely has made me feel incredibly empowered and cared for – by myself and by others. It’s just the start of my journey, and I’m grateful, especially now to have the resources and connection Sarah’s community provides.


"Working with Sarah has changed my life and unlocked my soul to experiencing myself, my life, and motherhood in the way I’ve always wanted. She keeps its 100% real, offers you 360 support via extensive resources, yoga practice, mindfulness, and helping to reframe how I approached my anxiety and internal negative dialog. She’s extremely well read and brings that as a foundation coupled with her authentic way of connecting with you right where you're at....and always never with judgement. Sarah’s incorporation of mindfulness and self compassion have unearthed the tools of mothering myself which is something I hadn’t done for myself and now that I’m a mom is more important than ever."

- Christina

Since meeting Sarah I have been in awe of her natural ability to get others to let go and encourage others to let go with her (no one can dance on camera like Sarah!).

When I heard about The School of Mom it was a no brainer that I needed in! The course became my outlet to focus on me and attempt to let go of mom guilt, especially missing bedtime... by the end of the course I was locking the door and fully letting Dad do bedtime, WIN!!! 

Sarah's genuine and caring approach helped me shift my mindset that self care had to be a large chunk of time and realize even a moment of deep breathing could change my day. Along with Sarah, I looked forward to hearing from other mom's I could relate to and nod along with as we each shared our struggles. The sense of community, even when virtual, felt very real and much needed. Sarah is a truly gifted teacher!

- Lauren

Still wondering if this program is for you?
It's been designed with you in mind if you are:

  • Committed to raising a present, kind, patient, compassionate and resilient kid(s).
  • Tired of not receiving the support you need and yearn for from your Mother or from other people in your life.
  • Seeking a community of smart, insightful women, who are open to being vulnerable with the support and guidance from a trained professional.
  • Passionate about evolving your self-awareness to positively shift your relationship with yourself and shift habits that potentially haven't served you.
  • Ready to confidently let go of all the self-doubt, shoulds and Mom-guilt.
  • Tired of feeling run-down, lonely, anxious and overwhelmed by high expectations you have of yourself.
  • Craving self-care and more balance, but are not sure how to get these things or even what self-care and balance look like as a Mom.
  • Either curious about or committed to shifting generational cycles of guilt, shame and judgment for future generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program?

The program is 8 months and runs from Oct 2 - May 28th. While it is technically a "school year," you will have lifelong access to the recordings and you will be able to attend LIVE guest teacher classes for future programs!

Similar to the way we can't go to the gym once and stay fit, the practice of mindfulness is not a "quick fix." It is a lifelong (and incredibly worthwhile and lifechanging!) practice. It is our hope that you stay engaged with the material/practices and continue to implement and integrate what you've learned into your life. In order to support you beyond the course, you will receive a Course Graduate Only Invitation to The Circle of MOM. More details will be provided on this at the end of the program.

How do I access the program?

Once you register for Mothering Oneself Mindfully, your Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and welcome gift will be on their way to your doorstep. You will receive an email in August with all program details, calendar and information about a short pre-program module.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes. Dhana (Donation) Registration is available for those who are experiencing financial hardship. It is the strong belief of The School of MOM that the teachings/practices of mindfulness should be accessible to everyone. Please contact for more information.

What do the practice videos entail?

There will be at least two 10-15 min practice videos per module. Practices are intentionally chosen and are a blend of the ancient wisdom of mindfulness, and evidence-based practices from the field of psychology. They will include mindfulness meditations, yoga and self-massage sequences using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls or alternative self-massage tools (that will be discussed in the welcome module), which you can find at home. 

Please note that you do not have to have any mindfulness or yoga experience for this course. Everyone is welcome.

What are the mindfulness modules?

There are 4 Modules in the beginning of the program that introduce the foundational principles of mindfulness, the science behind why they are so beneficial, and accessible tools on how to practice them. After the foundation is set, we will move into boundaries, rest and pleasure - the key "nourishing ingredients" in learning how to mothering oneself mindfully.

What happens after?

Once students have completed the 8 month program, they are more than welcome to return for another year! MOM Program graduates are also invited to be a part of a more intimate group coaching container, known as The Circle of MOM. 

You are worth your own time and attention.
The Mothering Oneself Mindfully Program is here to help you harness and embody that.

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