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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are growing a HUMAN!

    Whether this is your first or your fifth kiddo, I’m so glad you’re reading this.

    Here’s why… not only have I been through two pregnancies and births of my own, I’ve spent hundreds of hours as a therapist working with women on their own pregnancy and birth journeys.

    And while there’s important and valuable information out there about the logistics of preparing for your birth, I hear time and time again from women postpartum that they didn’t feel as prepared as they could have been going in. And usually what they mean by this is they weren’t prepared for things not going as they wished or planned. 

    The only person that truly has a plan for your birth is your baby

    Here’s the truth about planning for your child’s birth - 

    … and unfortunately if you love to plan and know what to expect, your unborn baby isn't in a place where they can let you know what that plan is!

    In my experience working with moms, there hasn’t been one Mom I know (including myself!) that didn’t feel (even just a little!) blind-sighted and unprepared by her actual experience of labor and delivery. 

    Yes - you can have your cozy slippers and your favorite pillow… but those didn’t really do anything when it comes to an unexpected development or change in your plan.

    What DOES serve a purpose is tools and skills to help you relate to the present moment, regardless of what unfolds in your birth experience… especially when what unfolds is not what you had in mind.

    So if you want to head into your birth feeling prepared in a way that will lead to less anxiety, doubt and regret… download my "What to pack in your invisible birth bag" and bring these 3 KEY invisible items with you along with your comfy slippers.

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